Statment of Solidarity with Indigenous Movement – Idle No More –

January 2013

Foro Nuestra America, Latin American Researchers of Ontario (LARO), the organizers of Latino/as in Solidarity with Idle no More, and the undersigned organizations support Idle No More for the following reasons:

1. Because Idle No More represents a compelling call to build a more equitable and sustainable society where the most vulnerable populations have access to basic rights such as appropriate housing, food and clean water, education and autonomy

2. Because Idle No More represents a strong voice against the destruction and continued privatization of our natural resources

3. Because Idle No More represents a sovereign call to defend traditional governance and real participatory democracy

4. Because Idle No More represents a legitimate voice against governmental racist and assimilationist policies that perpetuate neo-colonial relations

5. Because Idle No More is challenging mainstream images and stereotypes of passive/victimized indigenous subjects and providing visibility for alternative voices

6. Because Idle No More is raising unprecedented awareness regarding the Right of Indigenous Peoples and the rights of Canadian inhabitants

7. Because Idle No More provides an opportunity to re-think social, political and economic relations in ways that include environmental, spiritual, and communitarian values

8. Because as immigrants we have the responsibility to engage in dialogue with the original peoples of these lands!

Organizations that support this statement:

Canadian Hispanic Congress, Toronto, ON
Casa Maíz, Toronto, ON
Casa Salvador Allende, Toronto, ON
Friends of The PoetTree, Toronto, ON
Guatemala Community Network, GCN -Toronto, ON
LACEN – Edmonton, AB
Latino Advocacy, Seattle WA USA
Latino American Canadian Solidarity Association -LACASA, London ON
Latino Rebels, LLC, Milton, MA
The Community Networks Group, Edmonton, AB
Memoria Viva, Edmonton, AB
One Voice Radio, Phoenix, Arizona
Refundación, Revista Latinoamericana
Salvadorean Canadian Association -ASALCA – Toronto, ON

and the list of Latin American organizations in Canada supporting this statement is growing…..